Kitchen First Aid

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In-case of emergency please do not fail to seek aid of health care professional


Cayenne pepper 

  • weakness, heart attack, etc. Ask person to try 1/8 tsp in water or place powder under tongue, or better to use couple drops under tongue. 
  • Person can cough repeatedly vigorously taking deep breaths between… keep up until medic arrives.
  • Bleeding: apply pressure, and put cayenne in cleaned cut, will generally stop bleeding almost immediately. For internal bleeding you can
    try 1/8 tsp cayenne in 8oz water. You can also squeeze fresh lemon in wound to stop bleeding but this might BURN.


  • stroke [1/2 nutmeg in cheek if person is conscious place under tongue or in cheek… if unconscious in make paste and place under tongue or in cheeks. Said to help reverse signs of stroke.

  • If you have can give hot foot bath with 1/8 tsp mustard and cayenne
    powder. It helps equalize circulation.


  • poisoning, upset stomach, gas, swelling, pain, insect bites, etc.
  • Try 2-3 caps for food poisoning; 2 caps should be sufficient for upset stomach or gas. If using loose powder 1 tsp; - make sure not to use metal.
  • Compress pulls toxins thru skin 50/50 charcoal and flaxseed meal; apply thin cotton
    top with mix, then plastic, then wool or towel to keep in heat. Keep on for a while or
    overnight. Can pull urine thru skin when applied to kidneys.


  • for asthma attach – to stop wheezing: inhale fumes from grated or sliced
    onion in boiling water. Can add cayenne pepper to water. Can also try chewing
    fresh onion.
  • Rub fresh cut onion onto insect bite


  • blood thinner, immunity builder. 
  • Hypertensive crisis: lightheaded, dizzy, nausea, numbness, tingling in extremities: hot food bath, crush a couple cloves garlic, chamomile tea, massage head


  • broken bones & sprains – masticate leaves and apply and wrap. Bone Knit. Apply to wounds to accelerate healing.


  • anti-inflammatory & cancer fighting; Different studies have shown that curcumin's anti-inflammatory effects are at least on par with certain prescription drugs or over-the-counter ones such as Motrin.

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